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KCC Approves Westar Energy Rate Increase

The Kansas Corporation Commission approved a request by Westar Energy to raise its transmission delivery charge. That charge is designed to allow utilities to recover money spent transmitting power to customers. The increase will take effect on Friday.

Transmission delivery charges appear as separate line items on customers’ bills. The increase will raise monthly bills for the average household by about $4 and bring Westar an additional $25 million in yearly income.

Samir Arif with the Kansas Corporation Commission says the increase is subject to refund, should an investigation by the KCC determine it to be excessive.

In a related development on Wednesday, a complaint filed in August 2014 by the KCC against Westar Energy alleging Westar's return for stockholders on transmission line rates was unreasonably high has been settled. Under the settlement, Westar will refund approximately $10 million to retail customers and save ratepayers approximately $8 million a year. 

Gina Penzig with Westar Energy says that once the final filings and approvals in the settlement are made, it’s estimated that transmission prices will go back down by an average of about $1.50.


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