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Wichita Road Crews Prepare For Winter Weather

Sean Sandefur

  Road maintenance crews for the city of Wichita are preparing for winter weather that's expected over the weekend. KMUW’s Abigail Wilson reports...

 In anticipation of snow this weekend, Alan King, the director of public works and utilities for the city says planning efforts started even before the cold weather. He says the city has ample supply of sand and salt enough to treat the city treats 10 times, if needed.

“Since Wednesday we’ve been putting down a brine solution on our streets to prevent icing on particularly those areas that are problem areas – elevated roads, intersections and hills," King says. "We will be monitoring the weather throughout the weekend.”

Public Works & Utilities crews will continue to apply brine—which is rock salt dissolved in water—through Friday evening. King says the cities efforts are not unusual and that brine solution is put down as a precaution any time there is a concern of condensation and ice on the roads. Current forecasts show the snow will begin between midnight and early morning Saturday.