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Maize Teacher Receives 'Oscars Of Teaching' Award

Milken Educator Awards

A teacher in Maize was recognized Thursday with an award described as “the Oscars of Teaching." The Milken Educators Award celebrates innovative teachers across the country.

Teacher Heidi Albin received the award during a school assembly at Complete High School Maize. About 60 students attend the school that's meant to help those at-risk from dropping out.

Principal Kristy Custer said Albin stands out because of her innovation.

“We have a therapy dog because of Heidi. We have a garden because of Heidi," Custer said. "And you want to talk about somebody who works so very hard."

Fewer than 50 teachers across the country will receive the award this year. The award includes a $25,000 check, which can be spent however the teachers want. The Milken Family Foundation has given away $68 million in individual teacher awards over the past 30 years.

Albin said doesn’t know how she’ll spend all of the money, but she has some ideas.

“If I could go to the Faroe Islands I think that would be the most amazing thing ever," Albin said. "I guess that’s always been a dream of mine.”

She does know that she’ll use some the money to help the school and take the staff out to dinner.

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Editor's Note: The original story incorrectly spelt Heidi Albin's name as Hedi Albin.