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KU Student Senate Endorses Demands From Multicultural Student Group


The University of Kansas Student Senate has voted to support a series of demands aimed at making the campus more inclusive.

The resolution says the Student Senate supports the goals of Rock Chalk Invisible Hawk, a student group pushing for more racial equality on campus. The group's 15 demands range from permanently banning concealed weapons on campus to hiring a new director of multicultural affairs.

Katherine Rainey, with Rock Chalk Invisible Hawk, explained the demands before the Student Senate, including the call for a separate multicultural student government.

“What we are saying is you are not doing an adequate job of providing us resources and supporting us and making sure that we as students can thrive here at KU,” Rainey says.

Meanwhile, the KU Student Senate has started impeachment proceedings against three leaders, including the student body president. The impeachment documents say the three haven’t done enough to combat racism and discrimination on the KU campus.