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Budget Cuts Would Cost Largest Kansas School Districts $67M

Michael B.
flickr Creative Commons

The seven largest school districts in Kansas would lose a total of $67 million in state aid if Republican Gov. Sam Brownback is forced to cut spending $400 million because legislators don't pass tax increases.

The state Department of Education says Wichita would lose $22 million of the aid it has been promised for the fiscal year beginning July 1.

Budget Director Shawn Sullivan has said an across-the-board cut in spending would be Brownback's most likely option if lawmakers don't increase taxes to balance the next budget. Schools would lose a total of $197 million.

Kansas City, Kansas, would lose $10.8 million.

In Johnson County, Olathe would lose $10.2 million; Shawnee Mission, $8.3 million, and Blue Valley, $6.1 million.

Topeka also would lose $6.1 million and Lawrence, $3.8 million.