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Regular Enrollment For Wichita Public Schools Ends Thursday Evening

Hugo Phan
KMUW/File photo

Nearly 22 thousand Wichita Public School students have been enrolled so far online, before school starts in August. Schools are also open for in person enrollment through Thursday night.

Enrollment costs include textbook rental fees ranging from $37 to $58 depending on a student's grade level. Some fees are on a sliding scale. Wichita Public Schools' Susan Arensman says parents can pay fees and fill out forms online or at their school.

"A lot of times people prefer to do it in person. But it's just a way to get things signed up so we can get their school schedules, so they can get their bus assignments, so they can find out what the school supply lists are that they need for the first day of school."

Regular enrollment officially ends Thursday night at 7:00 p.m. School begins in the Wichita district August 12, with a half day orientation for 6th and 9th graders on August 11.