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First Lady Michelle Obama Speaks To Topeka High School Graduates

Wikimedia Commons

  First lady Michelle Obama says young people who've grown up with diversity must lead a national fight against prejudice and discrimination.

Speaking to Topeka high school graduates Friday, the first lady said the historic Brown versus Board of Education ruling against school segregation is "still being decided every single day."

Mrs. Obama said it will take all of today's young people to help solve the nation's problems.

"Maybe the solution to global warming will come from that girl whose parent's don't speak a word of English, but who has been acing her science classes since Kindergarten," she added.

During the ceremony, the First Lady said young people have the power to improve society by opening their hearts and minds and speaking up for what they know is right. She shared the stage with Kansas Gov.

Sam Brownback, Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins and former U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius.