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KBOR Expected To Vote On Revised Social Media Policy Soon

Members of the Kansas Board of Regents are expected to vote this week on a revised social media policy.

The Board of Regents Governance Committee approved the policy Tuesday. Regents Chairman Fred Logan says the committee made some changes to the proposed policy in response to public comment.

Logan says the revised policy includes “strong support of academic freedom,” and will go to the full regents for a vote on Wednesday.

Under the revised policy, improper use of social media could include speech that could incite violence, discloses confidential information or “is contrary to the best interests of the employer.”

The chief executive officer of a university, or the CEO’s delegate, could make use of progressive discipline measures, including suspension, dismissal and termination.

Under the policy, social media covers blogs and social networking sites.

Kansas University professor Kirk McClure says the policy will reduce the ability for Kansas schools to compete for top faculty.

The regents developed the policy after a KU journalism professor tweeted against the NRA in September of 2013.