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Kansas Schools Choosing To Arm Employees Could Lose Insurance

EMC Insurance Companies says it won't provide coverage for public school districts that allow armed employees.

EMC  has instructed its agents around the state not to offer policies to school districts that allow concealed weapons under a new law. EMC will not renew policies for districts it already insures if they choose allow concealed weapons.

EMC insures about 90 percent  of Kansas school districts, but it does not insure Wichita Public Schools.

Wichita Public Schools spokesperson Susan Arensman says, though EMC's policies don't affect USD 259, other school insurers may follow its suit. "It doesn't affect us now," Arensman says,  "but it may in the future."

Senate Sub. for HB 2052, which was passed into law during this legislative session, allows Kansas residents with concealed carry permits to bring their registered guns onto public property--with a few exceptions, like schools. The new law requires places where concealed firearms are not allowed to have adequate security measured in place, instead.

Under the law, school boards can designate employees who can bring guns into public schools. Currently, only law enforcement officers can carry guns on school property.