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Editorial Commentary: Ken Ciboski

Ciboski: A Voteless People is a Hopeless People

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The 2016 presidential election campaign has been disappointing for many Americans.

Debate and discussion of issues are essential in a democracy. Unfortunately, the so-called debates revealed little about the candidates’ plans for the economy and what they would propose regarding how to handle national security problems, especially in cases that would call for the deployment of military force, including the possible use of ground troops again in Iraq. We heard little or nothing during the campaign season about how to deal with challenges from China, Russia, North Korea and what our policies should be in response to changes occurring with the countries of Western Europe and the Western Alliance. There is a high probability that we will be confronted with a national security problem early in the next presidential term.

Many Americans are also disappointed with candidates Trump and Clinton, and the result could be that many Americans will abandon the polls. We should remember, though, that voting is one way for people to make their voices heard in the political arena. This is especially critical at the local and state levels. Those with higher education and higher incomes are more likely to vote. Unfortunately, people with lower education and income levels will be less likely to vote, and so their voices may not be heard. We should remember, too, that a voteless people is a hopeless people.