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Kansas Tax Collections Expected To Come Up Short In June

Stephen Koranda
KPR/File photo
Kansas Budget Director Shawn Sullivan speaks to reporters last year.

Kansas wraps up the fiscal year today with tax revenue numbers for June. The state is expected to come up short, with some reports saying tax collections could miss the mark by more than $30 million.

It’s rare that Kansas officials offer any hints at how the revenue numbers will turn out, but recently Budget Director Shawn Sullivan did just that. He said he expects state revenues will miss the estimates and put Kansas further into a budget deficit as the state ends the fiscal year. Sullivan proposed some options for covering the shortfall, including delaying a payment to schools and taking money from the highway fund and other areas.

“Obviously, we don’t like doing any of these four things, but it is the situation that we’re in for this fiscal year and that we have to deal with,” Sullivan says.

Sullivan says the state already has a budget deficit that tops $40 million. The revenue numbers later today will determine how much that grows and what the state needs to do to eliminate the shortfall.

Stephen Koranda is the managing editor of the Kansas News Service, based at KCUR. He has nearly 20 years of experience in public media as a reporter and editor.