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$300M In Assets Going Unclaimed, Kansas State Treasurer Says

Nick Ares, flickr Creative Commons

More than $300 million in unclaimed property is being held by the state of Kansas. The state treasurer is trying to get those assets back to their rightful owners.

In Sedgwick County, $34 million in assets have gone unclaimed. State Treasurer Ron Estes says it can be anything from a check that got lost in the mail to a utility refund.

Credit Kansas State Treasury website
Ron Estes

"(It) could be an insurance payment from maybe a car accident or could be that parents or grandparents...had a bank account or had a safe deposit box at a bank that the kids didn’t know about," Estes says. "And when they passed away that money has to be turned over to us after a certain number of years so that we can help track down the owners."

Residents can use the state treasury website to search for their name or a family member’s name to find out if they have any unclaimed property.

More than $8 million in assets statewide have been returned far this year.

This piece originally aired July 6, 2015, during Morning Edition.