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Kansas 'Amnesty Day' Helps Parents Get Back On Track For Child Support

Joe Gratz
flickr Creative Commons

Friday is an amnesty day for non-custodial parents who are in trouble for not paying child support on time. Sedgwick County residents will have the chance to make a payment and avoid prosecution.

The Kansas Department for Children and Families offers a Child Support Amnesty Day once a year to help parents get back on track. If a parent has received a bench warrant for being late on child support, they can show up in court, make a payment of $500 or two months' required payment (whichever is the lesser), and be ready to resume their future payments without any court action.

DCF believes that non-custodial parents who regularly make payments have healthier families and are more likely to be involved with their children in other ways. Last year more than 110 bench warrants were cleared, and $20,000 was collected in the state on amnesty day.

An amnesty day event will be held in Hays Thursday, Aug. 24. In Wichita, amnesty day is Friday, Aug. 25. Times and locations can be found on the DCF's website


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