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WPD: "Somebody knows what happened."

Abigail Wilson

Police are seeking information from the public about an attack Friday night in Fairmount Park in northeast Wichita south of the WSU campus. KMUW’s Abigail Wilson reports…

Fire fighters responded to a report of a fire in Fairmount Park where they found a 36-year-old woman with severe burns and lacerations on her head.

"I will tell you that the detectives were very concerned about the nature of her injuries," said Captain Troy Livingston of the Wichita Police Department. "To be assaulted; to be struck; and then, we believe, to be set on fire is a disgusting crime."

Livingston said the victim is still in critical condition with burns to more than half of her body.

"Somebody out there knows what happened and we need that information," he said.

Authorities are encouraging anyone with information to call Crimestoppers at 267-2111.

WSU is holding a safety meeting as a result of the incident on Tuesday at 11:30 in the CAC theater. Students and members of the campus community are invited to attend. The meeting is scheduled to last for an hour.