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Crime and Courts

Kansas Judges Gather for Annual Conference

Stephen Koranda

Judges from across Kansas met in Topeka to brush up on their judicial knowledge as part of an annual conference.

This year, judges also heard a presentation on the judiciary in Nazi Germany.

They heard how small compromises by judges in areas like civil liberties eventually increased and helped the Nazi party grow in power and eventually carry out crimes against European residents.

Marcus Appelbaum, with the National Holocaust Memorial Museum, says there are lessons modern judges can take from the example.

"So the decisions that I make, what's the impact that it'll have on the long term," Appelbaum asks. "It's remaining transparent. It's understanding that each decision of could have a huge impact on the system." 

Chief justice of the Kansas Supreme Court, Lawton Nuss, says the conference is also an opportunity for judges to learn more about changes in the legal system.

“They not only learn new developments in the criminal law, rules of evidence, that sort of thing," Nuss says. "But they get a chance to match notes with their colleagues from all across the state.”

Around 300 current and retired judges gathered for the conference.