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Crime and Courts

Report: Domestic Violence Numbers At Its Highest Since 1992

A recent report from the Kansas Bureau of Investigation shows the number of domestic violence incidents in Kansas is at its highest since 1992.

The KBI's Domestic Violence, Stalking and Rape in Kansas report is based on 2012 statistical data submitted to the agency by Kansas law enforcement agencies.

Since 1992, state law enforcement agencies have been required to make mandatory arrests for domestic violence incidents--when there is probable cause that a crime was committed.

Officers also are required to fill out a report for every domestic violence incident, whether or not officers made an arrest.

The report shows that between 1992 and 2012, the highest number of domestic violence incidents occurred last year.

More than 24,000 incidents were reported.

In 2011, there were about 13,200 reported incidents.

The KBI added that the report does not represent all domestic violence incidents, stalking offenses, or rapes committed throughout the State o f Kansas, as it is dependent on victims to report crimes to law enforcement agencies and for these agencies to submit incident reports to the KBI.