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Crime and Courts

Stalking Order Against Abortion Protester Will Be Decided Soon

Judge James Beasley heard oral arguments Wednesday in the case that accuses anti-abortionists and organizations of stalking the clinic and the clinics owner. Julie Burkhart opened the clinic in April in the same location where George Tiller’s clinic operated.

Dr. Tiller offered late-term abortions in Wichita and rapidly became the target of protests and violence. His clinic was firebombed and he was shot in the arms. In 2009, Tiller was shot and killed in his church by an anti-abortion activist.

Burkhart was an employee at Tiller's clinic. Burkhart has complained of harassment and won a temporary protection against the pastor Mark Holick of Spirit One Ministries earlier this year. She states that "wanted" style posters were found at her home and a sign that read "Where’s your church?", an alleged reference to Tiller’s death.

Burkhart seeks a more permanent restraining order against Holick. Holick's lawyers argue that would open the door to restraining orders against other protesters.

Judge Beasley says that he will rule on the case in 5-10 days.