Continuous Learning

The Kansas State Department of Education and the Kansas Public Broadcasting Council have teamed up to create the Continuous Learning Alliance. Look for statewide educational programs and projects for students pre-k to 12th grade over the coming days and weeks.  

Learning Across Kansas

Learning Across Kansas is a televised classroom hosted by Kansas teachers. Kansas Public Broadcasters have partnered with the Kansas State Department of Education to create this weekly, half-hour programming with content individually produced for elementary, middle school and high school students. Click here for air times on PBS stations across Kansas.

Awesome Squiggles

Awesome Squiggles is a global art challenge for Pre-K to 12th grade learners created by three Kansas teachers. Students can participate in this collaborative art project by downloading the four squiggly lines template and creating an original piece of art. Here's how to get started.

Kansas Kids Poetry Project

Kansas Public Broadcasters has partnered with the Kansas State Department of Education to celebrate student voices. K-12 learners all across Kansas are invited to write and submit original haiku poems that celebrate Kansas heroes. Select student poets will be contacted to record their haiku for publishing on-air and online. Click here to get started.

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