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StoryCorps' One Small Step is an effort to mend the fraying fabric of our nation, one conversation at a time.

Continue the Conversation in 2021: StoryCorps Selects Wichita for National Initiative

Wichita is one of four cities in which StoryCorps is anchoring One Small Step in 2021 with more opportunities to record, share, and preserve conversations that show the country how Kansans can listen to each other in spite of their differences of opinion. Read about the national effort in The Wichita Eagle.

KMUW led the project recording 25 interviews with community members. Listen to some of those stories.

Due to continued demand and opportunity, StoryCorps will continue providing virtual recording opportunities, sharing stories and bringing community members together to share ways that we can connect.

“Our research shows there is something special about Wichita. Even following a contentious election, we believe Wichita residents can show the rest of America that we can once again be neighbors and communities if we have the courage to listen to one another,” said StoryCorps Founder and President Dave Isay.

StoryCorps wants to activate Wichita’s communities around this effort. To achieve this, StoryCorps are seeking partners that represent various political backgrounds and who can recruit, orient, then enroll their constituents in recording interviews. If you are interested in working side-by-side with StoryCorps to make these exciting and enriching conversations come to life, please send an email to onesmallstep@storycorps.org.

To learn more about One Small Step in Wichita, visit takeonesmallstep.org/wichita.


StoryCorps' One Small Step is made possible in part by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, a private corporation funded by the American people.

KMUW Studios is the collective name behind our group efforts. It takes a team, sometimes, and we have a great one. We hope you enjoy our work.