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StoryCorps' One Small Step is an effort to mend the fraying fabric of our nation, one conversation at a time.

One Small Step: Participant FAQ

Whom should I bring for the One Small Step conversation? KMUW is asking potential participants to fill out a Questionnaire and based on the responses, we will find a conversation partner for you. If you already have a potential partner in mind, you can let us know in the Questionnaire.

How can I prepare for my conversation? One Small Step sessions are not scripted. They are intended to be natural conversations. It is a good idea to spend some time before your appointment thinking about what questions you want to ask or topics you want to explore. We will provide some suggested questions, and invite you to think of other questions you'd like to ask. But do not over-prepare. Just come with an open mind and ready to be yourself.

How long is the conversation? The recorded conversation itself is 40 minutes long. There is a short orientation and some paperwork you will need to fill out before and after the interview, so the entire process takes 60-75 minutes.

Is KMUW staff present during the recording session? A trained facilitator is present throughout the entire interview process and handles all technical aspects of the recording. Facilitators also help ensure that you have a comfortable and meaningful experience.

What will happen to the recording of my conversation? With your permission, a copy of the recording will be archived with the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. Within a few weeks of your appointment, you will receive a digital download link of the audio. We encourage you to make copies of your interview to share with your friends, family and colleagues.

Will my story be excerpted for the public to hear? With permission from participants, KMUW or StoryCorps may choose to edit your conversation for broadcast, however, only a very small percentage of recording ever broadcast on the radio.

How much does it cost to participate? You may participate free of charge.

What if I don't want my story to be archived? If you do not sign the release form. you will receive the audio, but the interview will not be archived and we will not keep a copy. Regardless of whether or not you sign the release form, each interview participant will receive the audio of the conversation to share with friends and family.

More questions? Contact us at info@kmuw.org