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After 13 Years, South-Central Wichita Is Looking At A New Plan

Neighborhood Movement

The Wichita South Central Neighborhood Plan is unveiling its new initiatives at an event this weekend.

The South Central Neighborhood Plan Pop-Up Event is on Saturday, July 20, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the SoCe Neighboring Movement office, 417 E. Gilbert St. It is free to the public.

The Neighboring Movement is seeking input on the plan it will be presenting.

Other than the presentation of the plan, there will be a series of bus stops along Gilbert that showcase the neighborhood’s businesses and organizations. The city will provide a bus that runs between the stops.

“We’ve never done something to this scale before,” said Adam Barlow-Thompson, a spokesman for the Neighboring Movement. “We’ve had neighborhood block parties and stuff before and will continue to do like Neighborhood Night Out ... but this one is a little bit bigger than we’ve tried to pull off before.”

Other events include a mini-car show, live music and kids activities, according to a news release. The South Central Neighboring Plan was originally created in 2006. The group hopes to create a new one to address the neighborhood's changing needs and wants.

“Thirteen years is a long time to have that plan and a lot of those things were accomplished and some of them weren’t,” Barlow-Thompson said.

"And this new plan, part of the goal is not just make a task list of things that need to be done, but to really help the neighborhood see itself with a common identity and a common vision.”

Kylie Cameron is an intern in the KMUW News Lab.