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Retired Executive To Offer Financial Freedom Advice To Wichita

Multimillionaire Vercie Lark says he believes in helping others reach their financial goals. He is the author of the new book "Make It Rain: Increase Your Weath & Financial Security."

A Kansas City multimillionaire will share insights Saturday on growing wealth at a free financial expo in Wichita.

Author Vercie Lark came from humble beginnings growing up in Dayton, Ohio.

"We, literally at times, dumpster dived for cans, glass, cardboard to recycle it because we needed more money to make ends meet," Lark says.

Lark says he wants to see more people become financially secure. The 56-year-old recently retired from running a billion dollar business, DST Systems. He advises people to set up automatic deductions to go directly into their savings.

"Just take a small percentage of their pay and have it saved and another small percentage invested and then the rest have fun with," Lark says. "If we get people to think about that, then life is good."

Lark says it takes discipline to save which was something he also had to develop. An engineer by trade, he said he asked lots of questions and remembers wise advice given to him early on in his career. His wealth has grown over the years with numerous investments and savings. He also has a desire to help others achieve their financial goals.

"I would say there's nothing behind the curtain like in the 'Wizard of Oz,'" Lark says. "My agenda is pretty simple ... my goal is to hopefully create a million more millionaires. It might not happen until after I die, most likely, but the seed I'm planting is intended to create a generation of folks that will actually invest more, and that will lead to more wealth in our community and then, ultimately, more business investment in our communities."

Lark is the keynote speaker at a financial expo that will be held on Saturday, April 26 at Wichita's Urban Prep Academy located on 2821 E. 24th St. N. from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

The event will also offer 14 workshops and free credit reports.

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Carla Eckels is Director of Cultural Diversity for News and Engagement at KMUW. She produces and hosts the R&B and gospel show Soulsations and brings stories of race and culture to The Range with the monthly segment In the Mix. Carla was inducted into The Kansas African American Museum's Trailblazers Hall of Fame in 2020 for her work in broadcast/journalism.