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Local Journalist Pilar Pedraza To Host New Weekly News Program

Pilar Pedraza is the producer and host of "Kansas Week," a new program that looks at the biggest stories of the week.

A new news program begins Friday on local public television. "Kansas Week" will allow journalists to pull out some of the information that often stays buried due to time constraints.

The half-hour show will be a news-of-the-week wrap-up followed by discussions with local and state newsmakers and journalists.

Credit Nadya Faulx / KMUW
"Kansas Week" host and producer Pilar Pedraza, right, sit in the KMUW studio with KMUW news director Aileen LeBlanc.

The producer and host is Pilar Pedraza, who recently reported for KWCH TV. She says this sort of program has the thing that commercial news programs often don't: time.

"We all know so much more than we're ever able to put into our stories. There is so much background that I know that I never get to pass on," she says.

Pedraza says a lot of politics will be discussed, along with issues such as school funding and gun violence.

"People see the news and it's kind mysterious [and] cryptic, and it shouldn't be," she says. "This kinda lifts that veil a little bit."

The show premieres on KPTS Channel 8 Friday evening at 7:30.


Aileen LeBlanc is news director at KMUW. Follow her on Twitter @Aileen_LeBlanc.

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