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Local Church Holds 'Transgender 101' Class

torbakhopper, flickr Creative Commons

A Wichita church will hold a "Transgender 101" meeting this Saturday.

The meeting is sponsored by the Table of Hope Metropolitan Community Church and is intended to be a "facts" discussion for both people who are gender fluid and for the public who may be uncomfortable about what to say around their transgendered friends and work colleagues.

Rev. Jackie Carter of the Table of Hope Metropolitan Community Church says one of the discussions will be about terminology.

"Transgender doesn't mean drag queen; it doesn't mean crossdresser; it doesn't mean transvestite," Carter says. "There's so much confusion around the word and what people are supposed to be that sometimes people get scared and think 'I'm a freak of nature.'"

Rev. Carter says the session is not to convince anyone of anything. A counselor from the church will lead the discussion.

The meeting will take place on Saturday evening at 6:30 p.m. The Table of Hope Metropolitan Community Church is located ata 156 S. Kansas.


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