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Survivor To Speak At Community Holocaust Commemoration

Aileen LeBlanc
Holocaust survivor Rachel Goldman Miller

The annual Wichita Community Holocaust Commemoration will take place on Wednesday. The speaker will be a woman who was saved from the Holocaust but was orphaned when she lost her parents and her sister.

When Rachel Goldman Miller was nine years old, she was sent to a summer camp outside Paris to hide from Hitler's slaughter of the Jews.

During the war, she lived with her aunt. Afterward, an American soldier found her in an orphanage and brought her to the U.S.

Now, at age 84, she is making sure that her family and all of the Jews are remembered.

"They were human beings, and that's what my family was, and they made me an orphan," Goldman Miller says. "Hitler and his groups made me an orphan."

LeBlanc asks her if it can ever happen again. She replies,"Of course, it's happening now."

Rachel Goldman Miller will speak about her family, the Holocaust and the connections to today's Syria.

The event is Wednesday evening at 7 p.m. at Newman University's Dugan-Gorges Conference Center.


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