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Wichitans To Gather For 'Dinner Dialogues' Over Race, Religion

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Wichitans of different faiths, races and cultures will meet Tuesday night over dinners hosted at homes across the city. As KMUW’s Nadya Faulx reports, the Dinner Dialogues are designed to start conversations between people from diverse backgrounds.

This is the second year the Wichita-based group Beyond Tolerance is hosting the Dinner Dialogues. Eight to 10 people will be at each dinner, and a trained facilitator will lead a conversation about issues related to race and religion.

Co-founder Bishop Wade Moore says it’s important to have those conversations in people’s homes over a shared meal.

“Sometimes it’s the first time that someone’s ever been in someone’s home who’s of a different color or religion," he says. "Or it’s the first time that they’ve hosted anybody that’s of a different color or religion.”

Beyond Tolerance co-founder Rev. Sam Muyskens says the goal is to create friendships that last past the dinner.

“It creates more and more strong, healthy relationships between people who usually don’t know each other," he says.

He says last year's event drew in about 100 people; this year, he says organizers are expecting 150 to 160 people to participate.


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