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Advice For America: What You Had to Say


At the beginning of 2017, KMUW began soliciting advice from listeners. Our goal was to gather the thoughts Kansans wanted to pass along to the rest of the country. So, we asked, "what do you want to tell your neighbors, your lawmakers, and other Americans in 2017?" Listeners were given the opportunity to leave their advice in a voicemail.

Here's a bit of what we heard:

"Support public art. Go make art. Forge conversations through art. Go share. That's what art is...sharing." -Turquoise Thomas, Wichita
"Creativity is our most valuable and sustainable resource." -Richard Overby, Wichita

"Hopefully the United States will not go the same way as Kansas has. Please, fellow Americans, look at the state that Kansas is in. Do not enact these policies nationwide." -Meghan Boyer, Wichita

"Turn off all of the devices; actually have a physical eye-to-eye conversation with someone." -Marlene Ryan, Wichita

"We need to sit back and watch to see what happens. We need to step back and give President Trump a chance. Let's see what he can do for America." -Kenny Alt, Belle Plaine, Kan.

"Speak with gentle honesty with everyone you meet on both sides of the equation. Because you can always learn from each other." -Janet Federico, Wichita

"I think what Kansas needs to do is follow the lead of Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado and go ahead and legalize marijuana use." -Kathy Harris, Kingman area

"Don't lose hope. And, don't lose your voice." -Allison Farres, Wichita

Do you have advice you'd like to share? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter, @KMUW.

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