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Thousands March In Wichita For Women's Rights

Thousands of men, women and children marched in Wichita Saturday in support of women's rights. Similar events took place across the country to coincide with the Women's March on Washington.

With the help of Facebook, the Air Capital Women’s March gathered unexpected support. Early estimates put the number of participants at 3,000. The crowd met at the Keeper of the Plains and marched peacefully to City Hall for a rally.

Credit Nadya Faulx / KMUW
Roberta Hickman, right, and her daughter, Melissa, show off their signs during the Air Capital Women's March Saturday in Wichita.

Roberta Hickman and her adult daughter, Melissa, stood side by side as the crowd grew. Roberta held a handmade sign that said “When women wake, mountains move.”

“To be honest, I thought we were done with this," Roberta Hickman said. "I think it’s time for all of us all to wake up again and empower ourselves and realize that we can make change happen.”

Organizers say the march was non-partisan. Their goal: to rally support to expand and protect not just women's rights, but the rights of all people.

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Watch scenes from the march:


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