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Wichita Salvation Army Offers Cooling Station As Temperatures Rise


Wichita’s Salvation Army is opening its doors for people to get out of the heat.

Three Salvation Army locations across the city will serve as cooling stations in the afternoon for people without homes or without access to air conditioning. Janet Pack, director of development for the Salvation Army in Wichita, says snacks and ice water will be available, and visitors can request a box fan.

“We have a depleting supply of our box fans right now, but we do have a fundraising drive to try to purchase some additional fans," she says.

The Salvation Army has offered cooling stations for years, but Pack says they want to get the word out early.

“It's always been a location for people to get in out of the heat," she says. "It just seems to have crept up on us a little bit earlier this year.”

Temperatures in Wichita are expected to top 100 degrees later this week. Pack says the elderly and the very young are most at-risk when temperatures get that high.

Cooling stations will be available at these locations:

  • Salvation Army Wichita, 350 N. Market
  • Citadel Corps, 1739 South Elpyco
  • West Orchard Corps, 1910 South Everett

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