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Wichita To Participate In The National Citizen Survey For Fifth Year


The City of Wichita will begin mailing out surveys to local residents this week in order to grade several areas of service, as well as prioritize future spending.

City officials have randomly selected 1,400 households to participate in the National Citizen Survey, a questionnaire that’s been in use in Wichita since 2006.

According to Mayor Jeff Longwell, those who fill out the survey will be able to grade city services such as snow removal, utility billing, parks, and fire services.

The survey will also include less specific questions about Wichita’s standard of living and what departments or projects should receive more attention in future budget talks. Longwell says the survey will be considered along with other community outlets.

“This is just one of the tools that we use to guide us through our 2017-2018 proposed budget process,” he says.

Longwell says the surveys will be compared to feedback from the city’s social media town hall meetings, district advisory board meetings and city council workshops.

The National Citizen Survey is used in 350 cities and counties across the country, and this marks the fifth time for Wichita.

The surveys will be sent through the mail starting January 15th.


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