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KU Task Force Seeks To Clarify Sexual Assault Policy

A sexual assault task force at the University of Kansas wants to make it clear that students can be disciplined for sexual misconduct no matter how far from campus it occurred.

KU's Sexual Assault Task Force finished its proposed changes to the student code on Friday.

The main intent of the proposal is to specify that its policies apply to students who commit sexual wrongdoing in places like off-campus apartments and Greek houses.

Task force co-chairwoman Angela Murphy says it also would cover students "on the beach on spring break or even farther away."

The university believes its student code already allows the university to discipline students in such cases, but the draft bill says the previous language wasn't strong enough to stand up in court.

It cites an unnamed case in which a Douglas County District Court judge refused to uphold the university's sanctioning of a student found responsible for sexual harassment because the school couldn't prove it happened on campus.

The task force will submit a bill recommending its changes to the Student Senate in January.