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Honor Diaries - A Film And A Women's Rights Activist

Honor Diaries

There will be a screening and discussion of a controversial documentary on Monday evening (12-01-14) in Wichita. The film is "Honor Diaries" and it follows several woman who are activists for women's rights. The subject matter of the film and this report are sensitive and parents of young children should be cautious  - KMUW's Aileen LeBlanc brings us this story . . .

Honor Violence and Honor Killings

"Honor-based violence goes back pre-religion pre-Islam to tribal cultures. And in tribal cultures the honor of the family the honor of the woman represented everything in that particular tribe. So it was all vested in the persona of the woman. Initially men were also punished but as patriarchy grew and other communities and cultures adopted these practices the crux of the violence was against the women." Raheel Raza

Credit Honor Diaries
Raheel Raza in the film

Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting

"These practices are done to restrict and restrain women's sexuality. Women are not given power and rights over their own sexuality there are men who are supposed to be in charge of a girls morality and her behavior." Raheel Raza



Renowned Muslim Women's Rights Activist to be Featured at Reception at Wichita State University

WSU Student Involvement will host a special reception with renowned Muslim women's rights activist Raheel Raza from 4:00-5:00 p.m. Monday, Decemeber 1, in RSC 262.

Raza is an expert on honor violence committed against girls and women and one of the leading activists featured in the film "Honor Diaries."

The screening of the "Honor Diaries" will be at 7:00 p.m. Monday, December 1, at the Crown Uptown Theater. The screening is sponsored by the WSU History Department, WSU Social Work Department, WSU Criminal Justice Department and the Newman University Criminal Justice Department.

For more information, contact Student Involvement at 978-3022 or getinvolved@wichita.edu.

This story originally aired during Morning Edition on 12/1/14.