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Green Biz Wichita Holds Meeting On Future Water Supply

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Green Biz Wichita held a presentation Tuesday morning on the future of water in both Wichita and Kansas. The organization promotes environmental awareness among local businesses. 


The information given at Tuesday’s presentation was nothing new, but it gave local business owners an opportunity to voice their concerns over the future water supply of Wichita.

Joe Pajor, deputy director of Wichita Public Works and Utilities says the city is currently the weighing options of how to protect itself against extreme droughts.

“And in parallel with that, the City Council is going to be making decisions on the possibility of a sales tax, and that will effect how we’re going to pay for the future water supply," Pajor says.

That sales tax, which would need to be approved in a referendum in November, would compete with other city needs, such as the bus system and job creation. 

Dixie Larson of Green Biz Wichita said that Tuesday’s program was simply to get the word out.

“This seems like a hot topic, there’s a sales tax coming up and in order to make good decisions, we should know as much as we can about it," she says.

The city’s new water source will continue to be discussed over the coming months.