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KMUW Listeners Remember the Day JFK Was Killed

White House Press Office

Recently, we asked you to share your memories of the day President John F. Kennedy was killed in Dallas, on this day in 1963.  Here are some of the stories you shared.

1) Barbara Chamberlin, from Wichita, was in the 8th grade:

It seemed so personal. Because he was such a wonderful President, an incredible human being.

2) Grant Overstake, from Wichita, was in the 1st grade:

They sent us home early. And I remember that long, cold walk. It was only maybe three blocks, but it seemed so long and lonely. And I knew something had changed. I was too young to articulate it. 

Listen to Grant's whole story.

3) NancyMattke, from Andover, was in the 6th grade: 

My dad was not a terribly emotional person either happy or sad, but he was horribly upset. Not tears, but I knew that him coming meant that this was a really important, memorable, in not a good way—day. 

Listen to Nancy's whole story.

4) Rex Cornelius, from Texas, was in the 10th grade:

The whole situation left me numb. That’s…overload. That’s emotional overload. And that’s what I remember the most is just, kind of not knowing what to think.

Listen to Rex's whole story.

What do you remember from that day?