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Father And Son Build 'Twin Car'

McPherson high schooler Eric Unruh and his dad Galen like building things.

They have put motorcycle engines in go-carts and powered up a pedal tractor with a weed trimmer motor.

Then last summer they put two cars together, creating what they call the “Twin Car.”

“We got the idea from a friend who saw a similar vehicle,” says Eric.

The twin car is the marriage of the front end of a blue 2000 Pontiac Grand Am with the front end of a red 1994 Pontiac Grand Am.

The cars can be driven from either end while attached, or separated and driven solo with the help of a small third wheel in the rear of each vehicle.

And if that isn’t enough for you, you can detach the vehicles with an electric jack, without even getting out of the car.

Eric says he has gotten compliments on the car, but no interested buyers yet.

“People say they have never seen anything like it and it is the coolest thing ever,” he says.

But in his Craigslist ad Eric says they are selling the car because they “have absolutely no use for it and it just sits around.”

The “Twin Car” can be yours for $2200.