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Spring Break Lunch Program Expands

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Partners for Wichita and the Kansas Food Bank are teaming again this year to provide meals on weekdays between March 14 and the 22 in their “Filling the Gap – Lunches for Kids” program.

Volunteers expect to serve about 3,500 meals at 14 locations during spring break for public schools in Wichita. That’s roughly double the number served last year.

“We’re aware that about 24 percent of the children in our area are at risk of hunger," says Pastor Sally Fahrenthold, who helped coordinate the program.

"They depend during the school year on the school meals but when they go home, there’s often not a meal and they have to turn to the community for help with food very often."

By increasing the number of sites, Fahrenthold says she hopes to bring the meals closer to those in need.

Box lunches will be served between 12 and 1 p.m., but they’re also looking to add donations of food like Cuties, crackers or pudding cups.

More information is available by emailing partnersforwichita@cox.net