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Mikrokosmos Releases Its Sixtieth Issue

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Mikrokosmos is Wichita State University’s literary journal, housed at the university’s English department and most closely associated with the university’s creative writing program, although students from corners of WSU can submit, as can alumni. Managing editor Kallie Fandalays points out that early in its existence Mikrokosmos published works by such notable writers as William S. Burroughs and Kansas native Charles Plymell.

“When it first started, Mikrokosmos was this cool underground magazine that a lot of poets like Charles Plymell and William S. Burroughs wanted to publish in. So, it was a great platform and, although at the time, it wasn’t a big magazine, I think that was a little bit of the allure to it.”

Among the alumni who have published in Mikro’s pages are short story writers and novelists such as Susan Tekulve, Janet Peery and Barbara Stewart as well as numerous poets. Fandalays says that today the greatest issue the publication faces is funding.

“Funding is very difficult. We were laughing, because when we sell the issues we’ll probably end up losing money. Basically we propose funds to Student Government Association at Wichita State and they can either say yes or say no and so it kind of depends on their generosity.”

Fandalays says Mikrokosmos (the publication is now in its sixtieth edition) offers graduate students such as herself the chance to learn editorial skills which many of them will employ in their futures, as many of the graduates go on to work in some area of publishing.

“You really get to see all parts of the process—from soliciting to the final publication.”

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