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Big Read Wichita 2016

Big Read Wichita 2016

What book would you save?

KMUW, in partnership with Big Read Wichita 2016, wants to know: If you were Fahrenheit 451'd, what book would you save?

A bit of back story: Readers in and around Wichita are participating in the City's annual literary tradition, Big Read Wichita from Oct. 1-Nov. 15. The book selected for our community to read and discuss is the classic novel, Fahrenheit 451 by acclaimed Science Fiction author Ray Bradbury.

The story follows Guy Montag, a fireman. Montag lives in a world where television has replaced literature. Books are illegal, and firemen are responsible for destroying them along with the houses that hold them. After Montag secretly takes a book from a house his team burns down, he begins to question everything he has been told.

Now back to that question. What book would you save? We asked a few of our KMUW listeners, and here are their responses: