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Haysville Allows Drone Use In Public Parks

Anne Davis 773, flickr Creative Commons

The city of Haysville is implementing a new drone-use policy this week.

The city will now allow drone users to take-off and land their unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in all Haysville parks.

An unmanned aircraft system (UAS), sometimes called a drone, is an aircraft without a human pilot onboard. Instead, a UAS is controlled by an operator on the ground.

Haysville Chief Administrative Officer Will Black says the new policy allows drone flights above public property for the first time.

"They need to be aware of other individuals where they are flying, and this is an FAA rule that they are not supposed to fly over a person who is not the operator so that would also, of course, include groups of persons."

The Haysville ordinance includes devices such as remote-controlled aircraft, model aircraft and model rockets in its definition of UAS.

Haysville City Council approved the ordinance at a meeting Monday. Previously, drone usage was restricted to private property.

The Federal Aviation Administration has authority the airspace and has specific regulations for drone flights. For a list of guidelines, visit https://www.faa.gov/uas/where_to_fly/

Black says drone-related nuisance, privacy and trespass concerns will be addressed through existing laws.

The new policy will take effect Thursday. Black says a group of citizens approached city leaders in recent months requesting a change in the city’s drone policy.

There are about 12-15 city-owned parks and reserve areas in Haysville, which is south of Wichita.


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