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Study: Wichita Arts Organizations Generate Millions For Local Economy

Nadya Faulx
The Wichita Art Museum

A new study from Americans for the Arts shows Wichita arts organizations generate millions of dollars for the city’s economy.

The survey of 34 groups shows nonprofit arts and culture organizations spent almost $44 million locally in 2015; that includes things like employee salaries, and paying for supplies and services. In turn, audiences spent an additional $51 million on things related to cultural events, not including cost of admission, such as parking, hotels, and meals.

Download the summary of economic activity in Wichita

Credit Nadya Faulx / KMUW
Vice Mayor Janet Miller speaks at a press briefing Thursday about the economic impact study at the Wichita Art Museum.

“It’s important to remember that number, $94 million, when people start wondering why does the city make investments in arts and culture in the community," said Vice Mayor Janet Miller, speaking at a press briefing at the Wichita Art Museum. "Why do we support our museums, why do we support Botanica, why do we support activities related to art and culture? And that’s why. Because that big dollar amount comes back to our community.”

The city's 2017-2018 budget includes $4.3 million for the cultural arts plan.

The study says the arts industry drives tourism to Wichita and retains local dollars. It also drives about $9.5 million in local and state government revenue.


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