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Conservator To Discuss Restoration Of Miró Mural 'Personnages Oiseaux'

Abigail Beckman

The iconic Joan Miró mural Personnages Oiseaux is returning to the Ulrich Museum of Art at WSU at the end of October. Marianne Russell-Marti of Russell-Marti Conservation Services has worked to restore the mosaic and will give a lecture Tuesday night on her work.

Russell-Marti and her team have been working to put the mural back up since July. And in a few weeks, the entire glass and marble mosaic will be back home on the south wall of the Ulrich Museum, where it was mounted in 1978. Russell-Marti began studying the outdoor mural nine years ago after realizing that time and weather had taken a toll on the masterpiece.

The 28-by-52 mural was taken down for repairs in 2011.

“One might think [the mural] would be safer inside somewhere, but it was made for here. That’s why our treatment solutions were all to be able to keep this in this harsh environment,” Russell-Marti says.

Russell-Marti will give a lecture on her teams work to conserve, treat and document the mural at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 11, at the Ulrich Museum.


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