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'Makin Hay' Sculpture Lands At Wichita State Campus

Sean Sandefur
'Makin Hay' features three cartoonish creatures rolling up large, round bales of hay

Over the weekend, artists installed huge sculptures created by Tom Otterness on the campus of Wichita State University. 

Entitled "Makin’ Hay," the artwork was created by Wichita native Tom Otterness, who’s also to thank for the bronze millipede that welcomes guests at the south entrance of WSU's campus.

"Makin’ Hay" features three massive figures made out of welded, rusted steel. The playful creatures are as tall as 18 feet and resemble oil drums with skinny arms and legs. They’re dutifully rolling up large, round hay bales. Jennifer Lane of the Ulrich Museum of Art says much of Otterness’ work, which spans the globe, is whimsical.

Credit Sean Sandefur
Crews assemble Tom Otterness's 'Makin Hay' sculpture on the Wichita State University campus

“He draws a lot of his inspiration from 1930s cartoons. I think you can see it in the lines of the figures. You can see the similarity there between [the sculptures] and old Disney cartoons,” Lane says.

The sculpture is over a decade old and has traveled to a number of locations.  It will adorn a spot on the former Braeburn Golf Course--right in front of Eck Stadium--for about two years, thanks to the Alturas Foundation of San Antonio.