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State Arts Agency Again Eligible For Federal Matching Funds

The National Endowment for the Arts has made a preliminary decision saying Kansas is once again eligible to receive federal matching funds for arts programs. That decision was revealed during a meeting of the state's arts agency Friday.

When Governor Sam Brownback vetoed state arts funding in 2011, Kansas lost federal matching dollars. With some arts funding restored, the NEA says Kansas could be eligible for up to $560,000 in matching funds this fiscal year.

Peter Jasso, director of the Creative Arts Industries Commission, called the decision great news.

“It allows us to be partners with the NEA again. It allows us to be partners with the Mid-America Arts Alliance. It allows for a lot more activity and benefits to support arts and economic development,” Jasso said.

Members of the commission will now need to decide how much funding to provide in grants to state arts programs to access the matching funds.