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Tours Given Of Wichita Frank Lloyd Wright Building


American architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed more than 1,000 structures during his lifetime. Among them is the Corbin Education Center on the Wichita State Campus.

Walking tours of the building will be offered Friday in honor of Wright's birthday.

Alan Aagaard is a WSU professor and will lead the tours. He'll talk about the architect's career and other familiar buildings in Wichita designed by Wright's students.

"You will see the same colors and you will see the same architectural themes in Century II downtown Wichita in that there are the semi-circles, colors and same light spire out of the top of the building," said Aagaard.

The Corbin Education Center was built in 1963, about four years after Wright's death. It was named for Wright's friend and university president, Harry Corbin.

A second building was designed but never built because it lacked funding. It would have served as a laboratory school for grades kindergarten through six.

The 20-minute walking tours will be given on a first-come first-serve basis from 11 to 2 Friday.

"Come to the water feature, which you cannot miss, it is right in the middle," says Aagaard.

"And I am an old bald guy and I will be wearing a Frank Lloyd Wright design necktie."