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An Artist's Perspective: Thank You For Listening

Curt Clonts

After months of thought, and 103 episodes, I have decided to leave my commentary post at KMUW. 

The arts community in Wichita thrives and I’ve always considered it one of America’s best kept secrets. The quality of fine art made here truly stands up against any in the nation.

I took this assignment on in 2016 to share my opinions, bring you news, and help propel our scene. If I’ve caused you to think or reflect on art and ask questions of your own, I’ve been successful. If I’ve angered or upset you in any way, I’ve been successful. You had a reaction and considered ideas you may not have thought about otherwise, which was my goal all along.

I’ve railed against the silly claim that I’ve been a "mouthpiece for art in Wichita." I’m simply one artist, with one perspective. You are the brilliant ones who make the scene go.

I hope you’ll always question city politicians and reserve trust. Wherever you see the exploitation of artists and the arts, fight it. Stir things up. Question authority. Do something new and different. Remember that quality matters all the time.

And through it all, never forget to have a sense of humor, because life is too short. Thank you for all you have done for the arts. Thank you, always, for listening. I am humbled.

Love and happiness, people.