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Art Review

An Artist's Perspective: Skliris Show Is A Must-See

The celebrated artist photographer Dimitris Skliris is back at it with a powerful exhibition that opened First Friday February at Tiffany Farha Design, 2820 E. Central.

Entering the location I found Skliris’ work throughout the beautifully appointed interior design shop. Viewing the work as I might while visiting a fine home, the atmosphere lent a warm glow to the photos on hand, and there were many.

Singular 12-by-12-inch photos of Cracker Jack prize toys from the 1920s and '30s, close-up and fairly exploding with expertly refined colors: A celluloid rocket, a camera, a telephone, a pocket knife, binoculars, and a lamb were a few of many.

Skliris’ deft eye and big heart take me back to the trinkets I found in my grandmother’s middle kitchen drawer as a child. Photos of antique house painting brushes, used hundreds of times, reflecting unbelievable patinas. And many photos of different styles of highly used Doler drills of the aircraft plant variety, with a look of Buck Rogers-era space weaponry.

Each photo was presented expertly in fine framing — gold, white, or maple — another tip of the hat to Skliris’s fine attention to detail. His photos were the reason I added photography to my personal collection at home.

These fine art photographs are glorious and warm and they deserve your immediate attention. The Skliris exhibition is on view now, and for the next several months.