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An Artist's Perspective: The Local Art-Buying Event Of The Decade

If you are patient — and save some of your holiday spending money — you can enjoy one of the finest art-buying events, easily, of the last decade.

Joe Goodwin, local art and book collector has decided to move from his home. He has chosen to downsize and sell the bulk of his large art and book collection, along with some beautiful furniture during the month of January.

The sale will run Jan. 23-25 at his home at 2809 E. 2nd Street here in Wichita. Joe’s art collection is an absolute who’s who of Wichita and Kansas artists from the early 1980’s to present. Clay works, sculpture, glass works, and paintings, all of the finest quality from the top artists in our region. Joe has always been celebrated for his exceptional taste and fine eye. In short, he has always chosen the best work from each artist.

I have been to many gatherings at Joe’s home over the years and have always marveled at his collection. Literally wall-to-wall, his home is packed with fine art. The many artists I’ve spoken with about this sale are heartbroken that the renowned collection is going to be broken up. And Mr. Goodwin feels the same way but feels sure that the people who will attend the sale know and value art, and the work will all go to caring homes.

My take is that you will rarely find such an opportunity to start or add to your personal collection. To miss such an opportunity would be a real shame. At the risk of sounding melodramatic, this is a sale that will truly be talked about for years.

Don’t say I didn’t give you something valuable for the holidays.