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Art Review

An Artist’s Perspective: Charles Baughman’s ‘Splatterscapes’

Artist Charles Baughman is an explorer of nature. Staying outward bound in all climbs and places provided the fuel that powered his latest body of work he calls “Splatterscapes.” 

In these paintings Baughman has used no brushes. Instead he has built each painting up in layers of drips, smears, and splatters to render landscapes that are intriguing and charged.

Aspen trees in fall, on fire with deep cadmium yellow and orange.

Periwinkle and azure skies over ponds surrounded by a riot of larkspur and Indian paintbrush.

Eggplant and lavender mountains fronted by autumn trees and fields of round hay bales.

It is apparent that Baughman has a love affair with the earth and her wonders. To control a drip or spatter of paint is next to impossible and yet Baughman does just this with such amazing results. With color magnified, and spirit to last, these paintings are heartfelt, warm, and extremely playful. They take me back to earlier adventures in New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah. I think they have the power to transport you as well.

“Splatterscapes” by Charles Baughman, on view at the Riney Fine Arts Gallery at Friends University, through September 28th.