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Art Review

An Artist's Perspective: Good Art Deserves Good Presentation

Curt Clonts

I go to various art openings and always notice not only the work but how it is presented. Galleries and show spaces depend on the artist to arrive with art that is show ready, well framed, with reliable hanging hardware on the back. 

I see exhibitions, especially with younger makers and I wonder who is teaching these artists, and do they know they are falling short of a good exhibition with shoddy presentations?

To see nice work fall to an unprofessional presentation happens too frequently. I think there is a huge opportunity for someone to save the day for the many younger artists in Wichita. I picture either a seasoned artist or a young marketing genius to start a production service that chooses young artists for group and solo exhibitions. This service would develop the model for great presentations and all that that means. To show with the service the artist must meet the guidelines. The ideal would be that new and unused spaces like warehouses be transformed with great lighting, possibly a thematic, sharply delivered exhibition, with great music, and atmosphere that will excite the public. In the process groups of artists learn about proper presentation because framing, lighting, balanced placing of work, advertising, and atmosphere are all created by the group and must match up to the guidelines set up by the production service.

Artists can learn a great deal from an experience like this. No artist who values their work should ever settle for a third rate presentation. If done well, I can imagine the excitement shows like this might generate. I feel it could open some new and exciting chapters for our local arts history.