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An Artist's Perspective: Preparation For A Show

Curt Clonts

I have a solo show at the Sandzen Gallery in Lindsborg this November. So here’s a typical week for me in preparation for that gig:

It started with a gift bottle of Irish Whiskey, followed by copious amounts of coffee. Through the week I watched a documentary on Painter Gerhard Richter and one on dealer Leo Castelli. I studied books on Cy Twombly, Mary Hielman, Paul Thek, Peter Doig, Antoni Tapies, and Motherwell—all artists on my current radar. These books have many scrawled notes, dog ears, and outlines.

I built a panel of select pine, birch, Carpenter’s glue, and 86 nails, each hammered the old fashioned way. I wrote many notes on my next painting throughout the week with much mental visualization. I found myself gessoing panels on Friday night, followed by work on a sculpture. I then listened to a police scanner till 3:00 a.m.

Saturday, I was up at 9:00 to begin a 13-hour painting session with breaks for tomato sandwiches and Japanese food. Music blasting the entire time listening to The Legendary Rich Gilbert, Eileen Rose, Sham 69, Polvo, and Camper Van Beethoven, followed again by the police scanner till 2:00 am.

Up at 9:00 Sunday for coffee and news with obits till 10:30, and then—to paint. I finished the 12-foot-wide, 2-foot-tall painting of acrylic and graphite titled “Haz-ay-el and Bean” at 9:15 Sunday night. A long, very hot shower and a half pot of decaf followed by a book on Miro, and then 8 solid hours of coma-like sack time.

Next up? A new week and a new painting! Could there be anything else?